Why TalentFront?

We help our clients craft and implement a competitive employment strategy, identify and hire top talent, and build a high-performance culture from the inside out.

thumb1Determining who to hire and when to engage them is a big challenge, but that’s the easy part. Scouting top talent in a marketplace saturated with resumes takes ingenuity, focus, discipline, and hard work. You probably have these characteristics in spades, but do you have the time to invest in developing a staffing strategy, crafting job descriptions, retooling postings, ferreting out social media angles, attending meetups and networking events, conducting dozens of phone interviews, or scheduling multiple meet and greets? If you do, you are a fellow warrior in the crusade for A-players and we look forward to trading tips and winning strategies with you.

However, if you would rather focus your energy on pulling rabbits out of hats in areas like new product development, business strategy, securing financing, overseeing client implementations, then we would like to work with you. We can develop your recruiting strategy, infrastructure, and show you how to implement it . . . or we can do your recruiting for you.

Our Services

TalentFront is in business to support companies and organizations succeed at what they do. We accomplish this by helping our clients:

  • craft and implement a competitive employment strategy
  • identify and hire top talent
  • develop flexible systems and processes for attracting and keeping the cream of your crop
  • organize work to maximize employee contribution and organizational success

Our Promise

You can count on us to be an inventive, focused, disciplined and hard-working partner who will match you stride for stride on accomplishment. TalentFront exists to enable you to get the results you want and make the difference you always thought was possible if you only had the right talent at your beck and call.

Our Story

Marcia Call, the founder of TalentFront has years of experience working on the agency and corporate sides of the talent equation. Additionally, she has worked with staffing, contingent and retained search providers. She has also managed a staff and understands the pressures you face in building and retaining a high quality team.

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