Necolle Eimas

" I listen for passion and pain – what makes a company successful and what creates heartache, what a candidate wants to accomplish in his life and what she is not willing to do under any circumstance. The trick is figuring out the intersection of all those competing demands. That’s where the magic is created."


Necolle Eimas is TalentFront’s matchmaking wizard. A true believer in TalentFront’s upfront research into a client’s culture and values, Necolle uses our discovery documents to craft role-specific recruiting strategies that detail the specifics of a position and take into account a hiring manager’s background, style, and needs. She uncovers the deal-breaker skills, personal qualities, and work style that a candidate needs to flourish in an organization. This strategic information feeds into the job description and templates for phone screens, interviews, and reference checks — all customized for each opening.

Armed with a strategic outreach plan that she helped create, Necolle interviews candidates to find people who are a fit for the company and the job at hand. Her conversational style and ability to put people at ease quickly are put to good use in TalentFront’s extensive screening process. She’s also mindful of her role in the process. “I’m not only checking qualifications, I’m marketing our client’s company. What makes this opportunity attractive? Is the salary competitive? Is this an organization that people can get passionate about?”

I need to be excited about the opportunity when I talk to candidates so I find the people who get excited about it too.

Necolle draws from her strong background in organizational development. She has more than a decade’s worth of experience helping workgroups improve productivity by keying in on each team member’s talents. Necolle applies this human relations expertise to the conversations that are the foundation of TalentFront’s recruitment strategy.

Necolle crossed paths with TalentFront as she was ending a career hiatus during which she focused on her twin passions — family and baking. While raising her children, Necolle baked for friends as well as caterers, turning out products that ranged from elegant cakes to kid-friendly cookies. “Baking is my artistic outlet. It started with my own children’s birthday cakes. My four-year-old was the one with the three-tiered fondant cake topped by an owl in a tree. It was a small business labor of love.”

Necolle continues to pursue these passions now that she applies her conversational super powers in an office setting. She gets her mandatory shots of energy from Orange Theory workouts, her running group, and sports activities with her family. She’s active in her children’s schools and her church community, which helps keep her grounded.

Necolle sums up her work for TalentFront this way: “If I can get inside a hiring manager’s head, I know I can be successful finding the right person to fill the position. Yes, skills are important – you will not be interviewed if you don’t have most of the core competencies listed in the job description. However, your resume will not win you the job. You have to be able to tell a story about your life, your experience, your background. You have to be able to answer cosmic questions about your choices. You have to be self-aware.”

We can’t think of anyone who models self awareness better than Necolle Eimas. Oh, and no one can tell a better story.


  • Bachelor of Science, Public Policy and Human Resources
  • Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Certification: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator