Marcia Call

"My mission is to help visionary leaders build successful organizations. My professional passion is to support companies that are striving to do good work and make a difference in their sector."

Marcia Call’s career philosophy has always been business = people. She has lived out those words through partnerships with senior leaders in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, helping them realize their vision by drawing on her experience in talent acquisition and management.

Marcia’s experience in a variety of sectors has taught her that hiring the right talent involves much more than matching candidates with job requirements. For starters, Marcia and her TalentFront team partner with senior management for an in-depth study of company brand and culture, workplace climate, the personal qualities that lead to success within the organization, and–just as important–what the organization can offer a candidate. TalentFront helps clients build a recruiting engine to consistently hire and retain people who thrive as they fulfill their organization’s mission.

I look for specific kinds of clients -- organizations where the leadership has a vision and the will to transform their recruiting process into a high-performing talent machine. My clients know what they want, but they do not know how to get it done. TalentFront can provide the support to turn their dream into a reality.

The guiding principle in Marcia’s life since she left her hometown of New Castle, New Hampshire, has been to make a positive difference in the world. After college, she served in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire) with the Peace Corps, providing health information in Swahili and French to a rural population in the eastern region of Kivu.

Marcia began her career on the marketing/PR teams at several national nonprofits. She expanded her capabilities into talent acquisition and entrepreneurial leadership, eventually joining McKinley Marketing Partners, a staffing firm focused on placing talent in marketing, communications, and PR. Marcia started out as an interim executive, rising to the post of president to head up the company’s entire sales, recruiting, and marketing efforts. Her strong leadership shaped many of McKinley’s key operating principles and best practices.

A “once in a lifetime” entrepreneurial partnership drew Marcia to In-Q-Tel (IQT) in the role of Chief People Officer. The innovative firm is a strategic investor in emerging technologies of interest to federal national security agencies. Marcia worked with IQT’s other visionary leaders to develop a new employment brand, create a technology-focused recruitment strategy, and revamp the performance management system and processes. After four years, she turned over the reins to a successor she recruited.

Managing a workforce deepened my reverence for the unique contribution each employee makes to the enterprise, including my own. I did not set out to revolutionize workplaces, but the combination of my leadership and staff receptiveness ignites something.

A career of groundbreaking work with like-minded innovators shaped Marcia’s unique understanding of how the right people elevate an organization to perform at its best. She founded TalentFront in 2012 to share her people-centered recruitment process with organizations ready to move beyond job listings and tap a talent pool excited about what they do for a living.

Marcia settled in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband, Lonnie Rich, a successful entrepreneur in his own right. Together, the couple has four children. Whether she’s relishing the fulfillment of family time or putting in productive days at TalentFront, Marcia grounds herself in the conviction that the people we surround ourselves with are the source of life’s satisfaction and meaning.


  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English
  • Cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa
  • Bates College

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