Kelley Luong

"I really enjoy the hunt. I like seeing the person I’ve sourced end up in an interview. If they are hired, I feel like I’ve hit the lottery! It’s personal – very personal!"

When it comes to finding the right person for the job at hand, Kelley Luong is TalentFront’s super sleuth. She knows where to search for qualified candidates and the best way to connect with them.

Kelley has more than 15 years’ experience in account management and marketing and it shows. The same skills she has used in the past to identify prospects for business and communicate effectively with them, she applies in her relationship-building work for TalentFront. Using our databases and web scraping tools, Kelley turns the criteria TalentFront articulates in each strategy into a search that yields profiles of appropriate candidates. She culls through hundreds of profiles weekly, looking for those candidates who best meet the criteria detailed.

Each strategy is unique to the role the client wants to fill. We don't launch a search until we know what will meet a company's needs. We start there and then iterate, iterate, iterate – these small tweaks to our search yield better and better results.

Kelley seeks out candidates, then tracks and records candidate responses and other information vital to TalentFront’s screening process in our applicant tracking system. The team relies on this information during weekly calls to update each client on the progress of their searches.

Kelley’s path to TalentFront includes a leap-of-faith, post-college job search when she traveled from her home state of Michigan to try her luck in the Washington, DC area. Her adventure paid off, and she landed a job with a pioneering wireless internet company. Kelley spent the next 10+ years honing her samurai customer relationship skills while maintaining accounts in an expansive marketing network that included Best Buy and other national retailers.

After a break for full-time motherhood, Kelley pivoted on her career path and entered the world of talent acquisition. She discovered that her customer service and relationship-building experience are valuable assets.

We're a strong team at TalentFront. We communicate constantly and help each other out. We approach each client individually, as the need requires. Every role is different and the requirements vary. I enjoy the fact that no two days at TalentFront are the same.

When she isn’t match-making for our clients, Kelley’s first priority is time with her husband and three daughters. She’s up for any kind of travel adventure (“although we modify a bit right now with three young children”) and is happiest near the water.

As for tips to attract the best candidates, Kelley advises “simple kindness in the messaging. I try to be as personable as I can, because you never know if we’re going to cross paths again.”

Candidates as well as we at TalentFront count ourselves as fortunate to have crossed paths with Kelley’s caring approach to her work and the people she serves.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Marketing and Human Resources
  • Michigan State University