Barbara Ann Beisler

"You get much more out of a conversation when you stay present, listen deeply, and don't do anything else but pay attention to the person who's talking.”

Barbara Ann Beisler is TalentFront’s informal “Listener-In-Chief.”  Her eclectic career path – from elementary school teacher to sales executive to certified professional coach – says it all.

I'm full of curiosity. I want to 'find out.' I enjoy hearing people's stories, how they've gotten to where they are, and what's important to them.

Stories are at the heart of TalentFront’s discovery process.  Once we sign on a client, we schedule a series of in-depth interviews with founders, the executive team, and hiring managers. We view this as our under-the-hood look into the structure and foundation of the company.  To prepare for these conversations, Barbara Ann and other members of the TalentFront team pour over the client’s website, materials and manuals, collateral, as well as social media to discern the formal and subtle messages the company is sending.

Armed with reams of mental “paper” and our open-ended discovery questions, Barbara Ann spends hours with the client’s team.  She explores company history and helps the leadership articulate the workplace climate, the qualities they seek in a candidate, and what they can offer a person who joins their organization.  After these meetings, she prepares a “discovery document”–the foundational report that guides the TalentFront team’s understanding of our clients’ brand, culture, and values.

In addition to the daily contributions Barbara Ann makes to TalentFront’s clients and team, her personal journey is an inspiring tale for all those who are seeking meaningful work.

When one door closes and another door opens, you just walk through. All of my skills--all of the points where I've landed in this crazy experience called life--have come together to bring me where I am today.

Two mantras have guided Barbara Ann along a uniquely successful career path: “I love to learn new things” and “the universe puts you where you need to be.” As a result, she has excelled in a variety of industries and roles, including educator, full time mom, top-tier sales executive, sales trainer, entrepreneur, startup COO, and now, a Talent Associate with TalentFront.

Barbara Ann believes in feeding her soul both on and off the job. She always finds time to read for both pleasure and professional growth. Photography (“It’s a wonderful creative outlet”) and travel (“to anywhere”) are her passions. So are her two adult children, her first grandchild, and her husband of 33 years. She credits his “go for it” support for encouraging her to take risks. “I’ve never been afraid to fail,” she concludes. “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. You just do something else.”


  • Master of Education, University of Louisville
  • Bachelor of Science – Education, Misericordia University


  • Co-Active Training Institute: Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
  • International Coaching Certification
  • Certified Professional Motivators Analyst
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
  • Group Coaching Certification

For more information, please check out Barbara Ann’s profile on LinkedIn.