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Look, Ma, No Hands . . . Well, Not Quite!

Learning to ride a bike was a transformative experience for me. The bike meant absolute freedom — freedom to cover more ground than I ever dreamed possible in a single summer day and, probably more importantly, freedom from watchful parents at least until the street lights came on. As I’ve grown older, I’ve had the opportunity to watch others learn …

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Accidental Technologist

Do you ever sit down to write about something that you know you are “supposed” to write about and find yourself composing a different post? Well, my friends, that is how this posting began. Lately, I have been deluged with a lot of messages, posts, tweets, and Facebook statuses about back to school. Everyone in my life seems to be …

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Perfect Pitch

Recently, I played a vigorous game of charades with a group of friends. The players’ acting abilities were worthy of an Oscar — ridiculously creative, intuitive, and skillful . . . with the exception of one of us who told us in advance that he did not want to play because he was terrible at the game.  I thought he …

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Hello, World!

This company, TalentFront, was officially conceived when I found myself verklempt at a routine end-of-year staff meeting at my old firm. Our company had had a very good year . . . no wait, we had had arguably the best year in our corporate history. Our president and CEO, a remarkable leader with an incredible talent for public speaking decided …

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