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Me and My Arrow: Recruiting in the Digital Age Part 2

If you missed last month’s introduction to my arrow, this fall I’m devoting the blog to helping search teams make savvy decisions about where and when to invest their recruitment dollars in the digital age. We’re diligently following my Return on Investment Arrow – a handy little continuum you can use to map out a hiring strategy that is focused …

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Me and My Arrow: Recruiting in the Digital Age

Back in the day, job seekers would open a newspaper (remember them?), turn to the employment section, and circle with a red pen all the jobs they were interested in. They would then send via snail mail a well-written, typed cover letter and resume on soft dove grey stationery with a matching envelope to the post office box in the …

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Learning Linkedin

Learning LinkedIn: Adult Social Media

It’s that time of year: Pollen counts are high, toes are peeking out of shoes, and bright-eyed graduates are spilling out of classrooms and into the job market – the world of adulthood. Looking for work is reality and I don’t mean TV! So, let’s say TTYL to telling your story on Instagram, Facebook Live, and Snapchat, and say hello …

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What’s the Industry Coming To?! Let’s Put Online Recruiting in Its (Proper) Place!

If the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results, the world of online job recruiting is certifiably bonkers. I encounter one or more of the following scenarios EVERY day. Disillusioned recruiters post job opportunities online knowing that A-list candidates rarely submit resumes online. Frustrated hiring managers express disappointment over the quality of candidates sent to …

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Phone Interview Therapy: How to Solve the Compliance vs. Connection Conundrum

What activity comes to mind when you read this description: A thoughtful conversation with a professional who draws out a person’s passions and goals to evaluate the next best step. If a good therapy or coaching session was your first thought, I don’t blame you. I’m sure a telephone job interview didn’t cross your mind. In fact, people rank job …

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Live Your Life with Intention–It’s a Savvy Business Strategy!

On Christmas Day 2015, I shifted my mindset forever. An unexpected and unwelcome event transformed my approach to my life — my work, my family . . . everything. On that day, I was rushed into emergency surgery for a twisted colon. My doctor later described my condition as “30 minutes from done.” There was no lifestyle change or good …

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Owning Recruiting: Outsourced Recruiting Partners

This is the final installment in our series on working with recruiting partners. In my previous post, we discussed options if a client wants to “manage” recruiting.  These options include executive, contingent, and staffing firms.  As discussed, each plays a unique role in talent acquisition and it is not uncommon to have all three operating at once in a firm.  …

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Recruiters: Managing Search Vendors

Recently, we’ve been diving into the ins and outs of recruiting – when to hire a recruiter and your relationship to your recruiter.  Now, we get into the kinds of recruiters and who to call for what purposes. In my last post, we talked about whether or not you want to own the recruiting process generally or manage professionals who …

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Do I want to own or manage the recruiting process?

In my most recent blog post Debunking the Hunt for a Recruiter, I began breaking down the process by raising questions you should ask before you decide to hire a recruiter. We considered the first question: Why hire a recruiter in the first place? In this post, we’ll dig deeper into your role in the recruitment process. Let’s assume my …

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Debunking the Hunt for a Recruiter

Graduation season always reminds me of insights I have gained from my favorite graduation speech of all time. In This is Water, David Foster Wallace begins with this anecdote: “There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, ‘Morning, boys, how’s the water?’ …

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