#AskTheRecruiter: Why Should I Hire A Recruiter?

#AskTheRecruiter: Why Should I Hire A Recruiter?

The three top questions I hear from potential buyers of TalentFront services haven’t really changed over the years – Why should I hire a recruiter? Why should I hire TalentFront? How much will it cost? These are basic questions, but more importantly, they are great questions that demand good, thoughtful answers.

Over the next few weeks, we will address these questions and any others you might have in our new blog Q&A, #AskTheRecruiter. This is a “no holds barred” zone and any question is legit, no question is stupid. You ask and we answer.

Why should I hire a recruiter is not one question it is two and really, it is less about the services of TalentFront and more about you. I know it’s not polite to answer a question with a question, let alone two, but I think you will find value in the questions and the answers. Outsourcing recruitment may not be right for everyone, however, after reading this blog you will know if it is right for you, and your business and if it is right for you at this time.

1. Do I have the time to hire my own talent?
Ben Franklin famously wrote, “Time is money,” but how does that apply here? Easy. Managing a department, company, association is hard work. It takes focused attention to pursue your goals. We all wish we could just do it all, but it is important to know your limits, make the sacrifices that need to be made, and delegate/outsource what could be best done by others. For example, is your time better spent launching that new product, writing that speech, or bringing in a new deal? As a leader, hiring manager, department head, every decision you make has an economic consequence – it is a decision to spend money, an opportunity to make money, or sometimes has both elements.

A simple way of sorting through the issues is to ask yourself, “What is in the best interests of your company today?” Is hiring that production assistant, VP of Sales, director of federation relations what YOU should be doing today or should YOU be doing something else WHILE TalentFront supports you with hiring? Sometimes the answer will be a resounding, “I need to be doing the hiring.” In other cases, you will have competing revenue generation priorities, a challenge in sustaining your focus, or cost-cutting exercises in which you need to engage. While you are doing what you need to be doing, TalentFront can push your hiring initiatives forward. Don’t create a lag in your productivity if you don’t have to.

2. Do I have what it takes to recruit the right candidate?
Good question: Are you prepared to kick-off a campaign to find people which will require you to identify your market, fish in that pond, screen candidates, and land the talent you need? Yes, it takes time and time equals money, but there is another element to the task as well – recruiting is a sales effort; it is creating a target and going after it. Are you the one who is in the best position to write the job description, source the talent, screen candidates and craft an offer or do you need someone who has been trained to undertake this kind of a challenge? A recruiter is someone who is skilled in sizing the job, determining the marketplace, developing referral sources, screening in people you want to hire, and helping you close the deal. When you think about it as a sales challenge sometimes it is easier to figure out whether or not you are the best person to do the work or if you need a sales specialist with a recruiting background. Imagine hiring the ideal candidate with a unique skill set, who will contribute much more to your company and increase profits and savings even more than it costs to hire them. A great hiring manager doesn’t always make a great recruiter but knowing what you are and what you need in the moment makes a great leader.

Finally, we all know that a candidate with the right stuff can be your greatest return on investment, however finding the right people can either be an important use of your time or an endless interviewing loop. Which is it going to be? Please ask yourself these questions: Do I have the time to hire for my own talent? Do I have what it takes to hire the right candidate?
As you reflect on your answers to these questions, imagine the goals you could reach with the right hire. Hiring TalentFront could be just what your business needs to take it to the next level.

Still undecided? Give us a call and we will help you sort out the answers. We promise to make the call worth the time it takes to call us.