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Live Your Life with Intention–It’s a Savvy Business Strategy!

On Christmas Day 2015, I shifted my mindset forever. An unexpected and unwelcome event transformed my approach to my life — my work, my family . . . everything.

On that day, I was rushed into emergency surgery for a twisted colon. My doctor later described my condition as “30 minutes from done.” There was no lifestyle change or good habit that could have made a difference. It was a fluke of the universe.

To go through such an experience and not ponder what life is all about would have been a wasted opportunity. I came away with a passionate resolve to live my life with intention. What does that mean? My new ritual is to set an intention at the beginning of each year and let it guide my actions for the next 365 days. The results have been remarkable.

My intention for 2017 is joy in all things.

First of all, you need to know I don’t wear rose-colored glasses. Admittedly there’s plenty of “crazy” in life, business, school, or whatever that can beat us down. Still, once I set my intention, I started to uncover the silver lining in some pretty dark clouds. The exact right candidate withdrew at the last minute? What did the experience teach me that I could appreciate and be grateful for? Did that client meeting not go quite as planned? What understanding did I gain that I didn’t have before?

My husband and I recently attended a networking event and soon realized that it wasn’t the opportunity either of us had hoped for. His stance was, “We never should have come; let’s bail!” and it was written all over his face. I encouraged him to relax, have a good time, and see what happens. We soon created a lively buzz around us and got introduced to the sponsor of the event. It turns out that he and I have a lot in common and will probably do business together.

Imagine what it would be like if every recruiter approached a phone interview with joy as the framework. Wouldn’t candidates be more at ease and engaged? Wouldn’t the recruiter discover more delight in a task that she does easily fifty times a week? That’s a lot of time to spend doing something that you don’t much enjoy – think about those poor candidates!

Having an intention boils down to being present in life and open to opportunities. When you’re caught in a grind, it’s human nature to want to check out, physically and/or mentally. But you might miss out on a benefit or fresh perspective that would have made all the difference. Living with my intention keeps me looking for possibilities, especially where I least expect them.

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  1. Amanda
    AmandaFebruary 9,17

    Nice post Marcia! Enjoyed reading it!!

  2. Robert Rich
    Robert RichFebruary 18,17

    Reminds me of Daddy Windy’s often quoted “Joy for the Journey.” I think he had a favorite author who wrote a book with that title. I think her name was Joy Morgan Davis.

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