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The Problem with Recruiting New Employees Is…

You can feel the stress coming on as you sit at your desk. Where are you going to post the job description for the new role in your department? What happens if no one applies? Or, worse yet, what if too many people apply? You can envision resumes and emails stacking up in your inbox. You’re already hyperventilating thinking about how you are going to fit in the phone interviews and coordinate interviews with colleagues and management.

Your VP of Sales pops her head in to say “Good morning!” and you roll your eyes. “You don’t look happy. What’s up?” she asks. “We’re hiring, again,” you snarl.

Sound familiar? I’m here to tell you that the problem with recruiting new employees is that you THINK it is a problem.

Recruiting employees is an opportunity to reach some new goal. However, as exciting as it is, why is that we associate hiring with a lot of negative baggage? When you do, your attitude permeates your process, and before you know it, you’ve turned a major milestone into a headache, a problem for the business.

Now that you know the REAL problem, here are 3 ways you can fix it.

  • Take a step back. Remember why you want this person on your team. What’s the number one task or initiative this newbie will handle for you. Imagine the daily relief when your new employee takes work into their own hands and, more importantly, off your to-do list.
  • Write it all down. Spill your thoughts on paper about what success looks like, what kind of personality it will take and what the daily tasks are that you want accomplished. Think about what kind of background they should have to do this work. When you can see the goal, you can start to get excited about where the contribution of this individual will lead you.
  • Start your search party. Think about who might know someone like the person you want to hire. Make a list of these people – we call them nominators. Spend an hour calling these folks to let them know about the opportunity. Send them your write-up and post it on Facebook. Others may have excellent recommendations for your new employee.

Sometimes recruiting is a lot easier than you think if only YOU don’t see it as a problem. If you are not convinced and are still having nightmares of your own death by drowning in resumes, give TalentFront a call. One of our hiring enthusiasts will help you remember in what you’re really interested – a hero who has the ability to take your business to the next level.

Problem solved.



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