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Red Hots Wanted!

A few merry Christmases ago, my friend Jenny introduced me to a marshmallow cornflake no-bake concoction that requires three cinnamon Red Hots as trimming.  The addition of the candy transforms the green gooey mess into a precious holly fragment and the dessert of choice for the younger set.  Since then, I’ve been whipping these up with the help of my kids and every year, I dread this homey pastime.

Why, you ask?  The !@#$%^&* Red Hots!

I can never find the candy.  In the beginning, I could find them in the candy aisle.  Then, they were demoted unceremoniously to the baking aisle.  Apparently, this is where they should be because when I go to buy them, the cupboard is unfortunately bare.  If the store is on top of its game, they post a friendly little sign advising, “Don’t worry!  We’re restocking on Wednesday!”  This would be fine except our Christmas party is on Tuesday.

As you might imagine, this dragnet makes me feel very UNmerry.   I literally careen around town in pursuit of a salt shaker full of the unhealthy glucose-laden treats.  Since this stress is not good for anyone’s blood pressure or my driving record, I decided this year to “love” going over hill and down dale in my hunt for the cinnamon delicacy. As my mood lightened, I realized that my search was not unlike my clients’ search for talent.  They’re all looking for the perfect hire to round out their businesses . . . maybe you are too.  So, I decided that I’d prepare a list of three tips for finding your “Red Hots” whether they are software engineers or financial analysts, directors of business development or PhDs in biomedical devices.

  1. Start early.  When you need a Red Hot is not the time to start shopping for one.  Thinking proactively about your recruiting needs is a good New Year’s resolution for 2013.
  2. Be patient.  Finding the exact right person to round out your team takes time and perseverance.  Be willing to go over the river and through the woods on your way to grandmother’s house.
  3. Enjoy the hunt.  Just because you are feeling the stress of the search doesn’t mean you should be conveying that to others . . . kind of takes the fun out of it for that special candidate you’re trying to attract.  There’s nothing worse than baking cookies with a grump.

I eventually found my candies in an out of the way small grocery store that I almost overlooked. Maybe that’s the fourth tip . . . Red Hots probably aren’t taking up space on a forgotten shelf with all the other candies.  That’s why they’re Red Hots.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and happy hunting in 2013!



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