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What’s the Industry Coming To?! Let’s Put Online Recruiting in Its (Proper) Place!

If the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results, the world of online job recruiting is certifiably bonkers. I encounter one or more of the following scenarios EVERY day. Disillusioned recruiters post job opportunities online knowing that A-list candidates rarely submit resumes online. Frustrated hiring managers express disappointment over the quality of candidates sent to …

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Recruiters: Managing Search Vendors

Recently, we’ve been diving into the ins and outs of recruiting – when to hire a recruiter and your relationship to your recruiter.  Now, we get into the kinds of recruiters and who to call for what purposes. In my last post, we talked about whether or not you want to own the recruiting process generally or manage professionals who …

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You Really Did Learn Everything in Kindergarten

Glassdoor’s annual list of the “25 Best Jobs in America” would lead you to believe that all you need to succeed in business today is a degree in computer science, statistics, accounting, or math. Undoubtedly, the list, heavily dominated by tech and finance careers, will send thousands of anxious students (and their parents) to career counselors seeking ways to add …

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Making a List and Checking it Twice: Gearing Up to Hire in the New Year

The holidays have arrived. What a wonderful time of year! Lately, I have been reflecting on the meaning of the old verse “for everything there is a season.” This oft-quoted saying reminds me that our lives are driven by a constant flow of change. I find that the key to my happiness and the health of my business can best …

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We, not I, would like to help you with your recruiting challenge

For some time now, Frederique Campagne-Irwin of Her Corner has been challenging me to move TalentFront from a personality-driven business – selling oneself — to the next level of sustainability – selling a solution.  I understood the concept, but I didn’t really understand what that meant, at a gut level, until I passed up an opportunity because I could not …

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The Real Cost of a Bad Hire

There is nothing quite like that moment when you find and extend an offer to the right candidate! You just know that bringing her on is going to have an awesome impact on your business and you can’t wait for her to get started. Only sometimes, that impact isn’t awesome. Sometimes when the new hire starts working, she doesn’t click …

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#AskTheRecruiter: Why Should I Hire A Recruiter?

The three top questions I hear from potential buyers of TalentFront services haven’t really changed over the years – Why should I hire a recruiter? Why should I hire TalentFront? How much will it cost? These are basic questions, but more importantly, they are great questions that demand good, thoughtful answers. Over the next few weeks, we will address these …

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If Mama’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy!

After two months of running around metropolitan DC in my beloved gas-guzzling Chevy Suburban, I decided it was time for a change. With my miles-per-gallon topping 17 on a good day – a drive to Gainesville and back, I wanted one thing – relief at the pump. I was determined to settle for nothing less than 28 miles to the …

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Red Hots Wanted!

A few merry Christmases ago, my friend Jenny introduced me to a marshmallow cornflake no-bake concoction that requires three cinnamon Red Hots as trimming.  The addition of the candy transforms the green gooey mess into a precious holly fragment and the dessert of choice for the younger set.  Since then, I’ve been whipping these up with the help of my …

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Hello, World!

This company, TalentFront, was officially conceived when I found myself verklempt at a routine end-of-year staff meeting at my old firm. Our company had had a very good year . . . no wait, we had had arguably the best year in our corporate history. Our president and CEO, a remarkable leader with an incredible talent for public speaking decided …

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